How Did We Get Here?


Chances are you didn't just stumble across this website. You most likely were led here from our Facebook page. If not, here's the scoop; We speak for the red-headed stepchildren of the emergency medical service, Corporate EMS

The underpaid, overworked EMT's, medics and nurses out on the street every day, caring for the public while making millions for the uncaring corporate Sith overlords.

You'll see terms here such as "salty" and "Zero Fucks Given."

It's not representative of our attitudes towards the care we provide or the people we provide it to. It's a unifying cry against the treatment we've historically received from corporate desk jockeys focused on money over patient care and employee well-being.

We rally with sardonic humor that may seem, to the general public, mean and uncaring. Like the grim humor we use to deal with the things we see on a daily basis, it's simply a dark mechanism that helps us through the day.

If you're one of us, welcome. If you have suggestions or anything you'd like to share, hit the Facebook button and post it on our page, or email us at the above address.

If you're easily offended, Show yourself out. If you want to lodge a complaint, please do so we can post it on the Facebook page for everyone to laugh at.